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Air Transat refund policy is stringent and clear. The company offers refunds only if the flight was cancelled by the airline or if Air Transat made changes to the scheduled flight, resulting in a delay of three hours or more. If a customer chooses to cancel their non-refundable ticket for any reason whatsoever, Air Transat will not offer a refund but instead will provide a travel credit that can be used towards future travel with Air Transat. Customers who booked their tickets through third-party booking sites are subject to that site's refund policies wherein Air Transat has no control over. Additionally, customers who did not purchase travel insurance will not receive any refunds from the company. The refund process may take up to eight weeks to process. Overall, it is imperative to thoroughly read and understand Air Transat’s refund policy before purchasing tickets as they do not offer refunds for all circumstances beyond their control or those of other third parties they work with.